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Alternative Discipline

Guidance and Discipline


Strategies for the early intervention of behavior challenges in children ages birth to 5 years old.    

We will approach the topic of discipline and guidance from the childs point of view.  Discussions will be on negative talk, positions of power, emotions and trauma.  


Teachers will learn how to coach children into behaving appropriatly instead of using negative techniques such as bribary or threats.    


The Three T’s of Talking

Teacher -Child Interaction


Talking to Parents, talking to children and talking to each other.

Teachers will learn how to "use their words" to communicate effectively with all persons, big and small, at the childcare center.  

Discussions will be on what needs to be said and what should never be said.  


Imagination Is Free

 Age-appropriate curriculum


Songs, Stories and Improvisation in the interactive classroom.


Come learn the newest songs  and a new story for Infants and Todders and Preschool children.

Discussions will be on how to use the imaginations of the children in your group to get the most out of circle time.


Come Laugh and Learn!

We teach stand-up comedy style!


This workshop is for all staff

and will include 27 hours of free online training.

(There are actually 35 hours to choose from. This guarantees that all age groups receive a minimum of 27 hours!)


(Students will have 18 months to complete this additional training)


The take-home/ online training hours include:


1 Clock Hour recognition and reporting of child maltreatment.

2 Clock Hour of preventing shaken baby syndrome & S.I.D.S. +Brain Dev.

1 Clock Hour of Emergency Preparedness

5 Clock Hours of  Preventing and Controlling the Spread of Communicable Disease-(which includes immunizations)

5 Clock Hours in Allergies and emergency response

2 Clock Hours of Transportation

2 Clock Hours of Hazardous Materials

2 Clock Hours of Building and Premisis Safety

4 Clock Hours of Building an effective organization (Management Hours or Professional Development for teachers)

3 Clock Hours of Raising Caring, Responsible, Ethical Children (All Staff).

4 Clock Hours Infant/ Toddler Room arrangment based on Brain Development (Infant Toddler Teachers & Management)

4 Clock Hours Notes for Naptime (Preschool and all staff)