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What is a CDA?  A Child Development Associates (CDA) is a Credential awarded by the COUNCIL OF PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION out of Washington D.C.    This credential is acknowledged and accepted Nationwide and serves as proof that the person holding the CDA is an educated, qualified, childcare professional.   It is the equivalent of 12 college credit hours (120 clock hours or 12 CEU's) but also takes into account your experience in childcare.  


What kinds of CDA's do we offer? - You can choose:






How long does a CDA class take to complete?  On average the course takes 8 weeks, however you do have 2 full semesters to complete the program.  (One Year).


Why is your class so cheap?  We have funds available for each student that enrolls in our CDA program to automatically cover the cost of a portion of the class for them.  Our CDA classes normally cost $795.00.  Until these funds run out, ALL students that enroll in our program from the state of New Hampshire will only have to pay $95.00 for the class.


Are there any other cost for the class?   Your text book is an additional $25.00 plus shipping and once you are enrolled we will show you how and where to purchase that book online and this is the only other additional cost for our class.  


What do I do after I complete the course?   After our program you will need to be observed working in a classroom with students.  


Once this is completed you will take your NATIONAL final exam with the Council.   As with all other programs, including college programs, the fee for this test is not included in your class cost so you will need to begin saving for this part of the CDA certification process.   You have a full year after you complete our online program to save up for and take this exam.  There may also be grant opportunties for this exam in your state.  




Where can I get more information?

Email Us:  

Call: 1-888-237-0822


 $75.00 Class Grant

Before you register a student please

make sure each of the following statements are true.


1.  The student is 18 years or older or will be by the end of 8 weeks.


2.  The student has a high school diploma or GED or will have by the end of 8 weeks.


3.  The student currently works in a child care setting that is registered or licensed.


or - the student will work in a licensed child care center after taking our course and understands that they must have this job before taking their final with the CDA Council.




STUDENTS PAY ONLY      $75.00 for the course.

(Grant is automatic - class normally cost $795.00)


Works on computers, phones and laptops.


If you can email you can complete our course.


rolling enrollment  - begin at any time.


instructor to assist you all the way.


take 2 full semesters to complete it if you need them!