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A Child Development Associates (C.D.A.) is a Credential awarded by the


out of Washington D.C.    


This credential is acknowledged and accepted Nationwide and serves as proof that the person holding the C.D.A. is

an educated, qualified, childcare professional and is used nationwide

to improve the star quality rating score of an in home provider or child care center.


C.D.A. Course Cost:  


Our C.D.A. classes normally cost $795.00 however, at this time, thanks to the KickStart Grant,

ALL students that enroll in our program from this state

will only have to pay $95.00 for the class Plus $25.00 for a textbook.


Students may choose one of the following C.D.A. types:


*INFANT TODDLER C.D.A. (6 weeks old to 2 years old)

*PRESCHOOL C.D.A. (3 years old to after school age)

*FAMILY (IN HOME PROVIDER) C.D.A. (Care for all age groups in your private home)


The class is an online class and is designed to allow the student access to the information 24 hours per day.  

Most students complete the course in 8 weeks however, the student has a full year from the date of registration

to complete the course.


Student Requirements


*18 years or older

* Have a High School Diploma or equivalent

*  Have a minimum of 480 hours (about 12 weeks of full time experience or 24 weeks of part time experience) in a child care setting during their lifetime.


This class is NOT about memorizing facts, dates or other useless information.  

It is about attitude, caring for and disciplining children and classroom techniques.


What do I do after I complete the course?


After our program you will need to be observed working in a classroom with children and then you MUST take your

final exam with the C.D.A. Council.  As with all other programs, including college programs, the fee for this test is not included in your class cost, however, the great news is that your state may have a grant in place to help pay for this exam.  You can find more information on the ASSESSMENT GRANTS available for you state at the link below.


(888) 237-0822 or  [email protected]  


Need assistance?




This grant is awarded automatically.    



 Pay using any credit or debit card you will be registered for the class.


 If you need an invoice for payment text 936-581-1048


1. The name of your child care center.




3. The number of staff that will be taking the class


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$95.00 CDA

              ONLINE CLASS


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